Working under the supervision of the Westchester County Parks department, our method is to cut away the worst infestations (tough work) and then control regrowth with yearly snipping (a much easier task). To do it Westchester recruits and trains volunteers to "Adopt a Tree" or a section of the parkway. We work after the leaves have fallen so we can see the vines more easily and avoid poison ivy.

We are trained and supervised by Westchester County Parks Department. We are part of Bronx River Parway Reservation Conservancy. the County holds training sessions approximately every other week during the winter (November to March) when vines are easy to see and access.

It's fun.


Cut Low
Regrowth is limited if the stub has limited access to light.

Cut High
Regrowth is limited if it has nothing to climb. If you leave the vine hanging it becomes a ladder for regrowth. As a practical matter other volunteers will be able to see that the vines are cut.

Never cut poison Ivy. If you are particularly susceptible to poison ivy, don't cut vines. 

Never cut vines that hug the tree. We may miss a few invasives, but it's not worth the risk. Only cut free-hanging vines and even then, be sure that they are not poison ivy.

See more on the  Poison Ivy page this site

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